Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mamalicious Tea Party

Mamalicious Mamas would like to thank Hy-Tea Teahouse for hosting our Mama Tea Party.  We had 19 Mamas and babes in attendance.

They arranged stroller parking for us out front.

We savoured the flavour of a warm scones, whipped butter, tasty deserts,  fruit, sweet Devon cream, delicious jam and delicate finger sandwiches.

Of course we drank from fancy china too!

We took a walk on the board walk.

And some of us wore fancy hats.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Brief Update

Whilst on maternity leave I met Lexi who is Mom to an 11 month girl.  Together we organize our Mamalicious Meetup events.  Being like minded we have decided to move the group forward together.  I guess that is my official introduction.  Look out for blog posts by her.

Our new logo is just about ready.  We have 77 Likes on the Facebook page and our Twitter account is now shared.

I would write more, but it was a tough day at the (baby) office.  Missy Miu has her two top teeth coming in and she has a cold.  

I am going to sign off and research infant pain relief.