Sunday, June 9, 2013

Events - Week of June 10th

Mamalicious Mamas has 4 events events scheduled this week.  You will find us:

- walking and strolling at Pickering Town Centre
- indulging in some FroYo at ci gusta
- having fun with the little ones at a weekly playdate
- learning Infant / Child CPR

On Mondays we get our exercise on with Mommy and Baby Fitness.
Unfortunately I will have to miss this week's class.  Hubby and I went biking with Missy Miu.  I lost my balance, and flew off my bike head first into some rocks on the side of the path.  Yes I wore my helmet.  I actually landed on my left leg.

Missy Miu ate grass while we waited for the paramedics.  She was really concerned.

I went to the hospital.  Nothing  broken,  just severe bruising. 

I will live. Orders are that I stay off my feet for a few days. Did I mention that Little One is crawling? This should be interesting.

Busy... Busy

We haven't updated for awhile.  Mamalicious Mamas has had many events and the members are so involved.  It is difficult to find time to post on our blog, plan and run our events with babes in arms.

My hubby has been rolling up his sleeves when it comes to Missy Miu.  Hopefully that should allow for me to update more often.