Friday, January 10, 2014

WIN! Lil Tights By Skights!

The wonderful thing I love about being a Mamalicious Mama is the unique items I get to review for our group. Our mamas are based in Scarborough and Pickering, so you can imagine how happy I was to find product created by a Mama in the Durham Region.

Canadian Mom and designer Julie Thompson has created "Lil' Tights by SKIGHTS". They are like tights... But better than tights. I like to refer to them knee high tights.

It would have been awesome if I had them when Missy Miu was a crawler. I love the padded knee feature that would have protected her knees as she crawled on the floor and carpet.

When we are home I want her to feel unrestricted, but to remove her leggings would have her feeling chilly. With Skights that it a non issue.

Oh... And Diaper changes are much easier. No hassle of removing her pants. Just the diaper.... Just the diaper.

With Toronto 's latest cold Snap, these sure came in handy beneath her pants.

Lil' Tights have a stay put design so they are not easily removed by your little one.
And may I add... Potty training will be much easier.

Skights are made of stretchy Lycra and Spandex (75% Cotton, 22% Nylon, 3% Lycra). They come in three colours:
- small - 9 to 18 months
- med -18 to 30 months
- lg - 30 to 48 months

You can purchase Skights online for $14.99. Purchase 3 or more pairs and save 10%.

What is even more awesome is that this week Julie's Skights are heading to Hollywood to exhibit at L.A.'s exclusive, invitation-only Boom Boom Room Pre-Golden Globes gifting suite. This is where baby and kids' gear is showcased for celebrity moms and dads!

Great news though... Thanks to Skights we have an exclusive contest for the Mamalicious Mamas.

1. Visit Skights Facebook page and LIKE it.
2. Click on this LINK and comment on the pic what you love about Skights
3. RSVP on the event board after completing steps 1 and 2.

You have until Thursday, January 16, 2014, 3pm to compete for the a pair of Skights. Remember... to be eligible you must follow instructions to a T.

Good luck Mamas!

**The products for this review and giveaway were provided for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.**

Monday, January 6, 2014

Debt Free - Like Really

I have been really serious about becoming debt free....  For like the last 20 years.  

Made you laugh.  Right?

But seriously.   Now that I have a daughter I so have to get my act together.   I lose sleep thinking that  she may have to go without as she grows up.    I remember how my Mom "struggled" make ends meet.  I would like Missy Miu to see me "budget" to make ends meet.

In order to become debt free I have to have a plan. So I have decided on the following  route.

1. SNOWBALLING - From most to least expensive interest rate I am listing my consumer debt with the amount of months left.  Here's an example...  err...  Not mine:

1.  Furniture Store       32   %       6000     84
2.  Dept.  Store Card   28.8%       600        22
3.  Dept.  Store Card   28.8%     1100        48
4.  Car Loan                   9   %    25000     600
5.  Family                        0  %      2800         0

This list allows one to list their most expensive debt (using the interest rate).  Pay the minimum payment required on bills 2, 3 etc.  On the first bill you throw more than the minimum amount.  Every time you move down the list you snowball.   The payment used to pay off the most expensive debt will be applied to the next most expensive debt on the list.

2.  Start Now  Procrastination is not helping to pay down my debt.   How is it working for you?

3.  Make a Budget and get it to balance.

4.  Trim Down Where can you cut spending.   Does it mean bringing your lunch 3 days of the week instead of buying for 5 days?  Maybe that's an extra $65  month.   Take the $65 and apply it to the first loan on the top of the list.

5.  Make A Payment No need to wait for the due date.   If money is owing...  It's always owing.   Each time you apply a payment, you reduce the interest added on.

6.  Empty The Pockets
Got change in your pocket? Under the couch  cushions? I collect loose coin in a jar and stash it way in the back of my closet.   Every couple of months I count up the money and apply it to debt.  You'll be surprised to see how much money this can add up to.

Next week we will discuss making a budget.   In the meantime I ask that with me you create your snowball list and make a payment.

Until next week Financial Mamas!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year... New Events

Happy New Year Mamas!   Just wanted to give a heads up on January 2014 events:

- We have coffee at Debbie's Boutique Café and Café Mirage

- We will  have two Storytime sessions at Ray's Café

- Stroller Walking at Scarborough Town Centre and Markville Mall

- Hat Day at Creative Play Indoor Playground

We have room for 5 more events. Let us know if you have and suggestions.

We've just added Stroller Walking at the indoor track at Stephen Leacock Community Centre

Please visit our Mamalicious Mamas board for more information.