I am a budding entrepreneur, wife and mommy. When I went on maternity leave and had Missy Miu (Baby Girl) I found my time off to be pretty lonely.  Post partum depression was at a high.

I started a Meetup Group and created events so my daughter and I could meet other Mamas and their little ones. I found that I enjoyed finding things for us to do that were different and memorable. I wanted these Mamas to return back to work feeling that they made some long lasting friendships and attended events with their babies that were fun and informative.

Now I have the itch to provide a needed service of planning events for Mamas-to-be and Mamas with children.

So here is my blog. About me, Missy Miu, family.....and starting a new biz. Striving to be Mamalicious.

You can find me on TwitterFacebook or via Email.

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