Sunday, June 9, 2013

Events - Week of June 10th

Mamalicious Mamas has 4 events events scheduled this week.  You will find us:

- walking and strolling at Pickering Town Centre
- indulging in some FroYo at ci gusta
- having fun with the little ones at a weekly playdate
- learning Infant / Child CPR

On Mondays we get our exercise on with Mommy and Baby Fitness.
Unfortunately I will have to miss this week's class.  Hubby and I went biking with Missy Miu.  I lost my balance, and flew off my bike head first into some rocks on the side of the path.  Yes I wore my helmet.  I actually landed on my left leg.

Missy Miu ate grass while we waited for the paramedics.  She was really concerned.

I went to the hospital.  Nothing  broken,  just severe bruising. 

I will live. Orders are that I stay off my feet for a few days. Did I mention that Little One is crawling? This should be interesting.

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