Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mama Networking

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So I am back at work and Missy Miu is approaching 14 months. While this blog is a behind the scenes look at the Mamalicious Mamas and the Mamas behind it, I still want to write about what was important to me before and right after I had my little girl.

How to find stuff to do on a rainy day.  This applies to Mamas on mat leave and Mamas now.

It's my third weekend after being back at work and it's raining and gloomy outside. I just don't feel good about keeping Missy Miu in. The hubby is cool about being indoors, but today takes me back to my mat days where if I stayed in....

It was time to take charge. Hubby's like, "It's gloomy out... Where can we go?"

So what do you do?

Reach out to other Mamas.
- There are many Facebook Mom Groups with moms ready to share advice
- You can find many Mommy Groups like Mamalicious Mamas. They may have a weekend activity or you can post a what to do question in the discussion area
- Your smartphone. Made some Mama friends? Save their contact info so you can touch base while on the go

- Local newspaper sites. I refer to Snap Pickering. They always post what's happening in the area
- Community activity sites. I love Melanie OTG - a site on what to do with kids in the GTA.

As I write this, a Mama contact came in that she was at Pickering Town Centre. Another Mama owns Treehouse Play and Café and let me know that as of October they will be open every weekend.

We ended up a play centre that was (sigh) a bit too old for Missy Miu  - 2 years and up. But I would like to thank my Mama network for the great advice. I will definitely use my contacts in advance if I'm in a pinch.

So Mamas, how do you find activities for the little ones?  

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