Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This Mama's Back In School

Hi Mamas.  I really have to do a better job updating this blog.  Mamalicious Mamas is still going strong, but with being back to work and family time it is sometimes difficult to maintain that ooomph.  I have some great Mamas assisting me, but my communication skills have been lacking a bit.   (Sorry Mama Jen and Melanie).

Enough beating myself up.  This blog also discusses the "behind the scenes"... so let's go there for a bit.

Announcement! I am working on obtaining my Social Media Certificate!  (Yea Me!).

I am using this post for my first assignment: The Digital Book Report.

We are required to choose a social media book of our choice for this course.  I have chosen Social Media Mastery by Tara Ross PHD.   This reading offers "75 daily challenges to help your reach, build your platform and establish your online authority".

Here is my book review via video where I share information about book and the value I have gained from reading it and the challenges offered.   And by the way, it is my first video EVER.  Pardon my nervousness.... But I feel good about the end result.

Here is my tag cloud that I created on These words refer to what I learned and the value gained.

You can catch some of the quotes that stood out for me in the book on twitter. You can find them using #GB2014

So Mamas... Are any of you currently going to school or upgrading your skills? What are you taking?

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