Saturday, April 27, 2013

Facebook Page Is Up

I am loving my Meetup Group Scarborough - Pickering Mamalicious Mamas.  I love Missy Miu (my daughter) with all my heart, but sometimes maternity leave can one feeling a bit lonely.  I created the group not only to gain some company for Missy Miu and I, but to also exercise my creativeness.

We love the playdates, but sometimes Mamas want some social time and new friendships. I would hope that in my Meetup Group, a mother would say, "I met some great people and attended some interesting events while on mat leave."

Lately I have been wondering if event planning for Moms could turn into a full-time gig.  

I have decided to stop imagining, and see what I can accomplish within the next 4 months.

This week I created a Facebook Page - Mamalicious Mamas and the response has been positive.  Some of the Mamas and my Facebook friends have liked the page.  Within 24 hours the page accumulated 54 Likes.

I hope the concept of Mamalicious Mamas expands from its current area.  In order to do
so,  I need to create a following through social media.  I have a Twitter Account as well.

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