Monday, April 21, 2014

Joya... Our New Blog Contributor

I am super excited to add Joya to our Mamalicious Blog Team.  Here is her bio:

I am the mother of 2 gorgeous, smart and rambunctious girls. One soon to be 7 year old that is more like a teenager than you could imagine. In other words…Drama! But so affectionate too. Then there is my 3 ½ year old who is the baby, the princess, the comedian and the trickster…and that’s all in one day!

I’m a working mom still searching for the manual on motherhood (can I borrow someone’s copy?). Each day is a test, challenge or triumph on how to keep it all together and still be ‘mamalicious’ (Ha! Like how I worked that in there?).
I am also a writer and a blogger.
 You can visit my blog at Feel free to drop by and leave a comment!
My blog is where I am able to share all the anecdotes of my life as the very imperfect mom of two perfectly awesome (did I say rambunctious already?) kids!
But if that’s not enough on my plate, I’m also starting a new business called “Life Happens Gift Bags and Baskets” (website coming soon!).
“Am I crazy?” you might ask…
Of course I am! Isn’t being a bit crazy a prerequisite for motherhood?
Wait…is that just me?

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