Saturday, April 19, 2014

Maybe One Is Enough

Recently Cee and I came to a difficult decision.  To stop at one child.

Why would I consider this a difficult choice?  Well, because society tells us otherwise. Apparently:

-Missy Miu HAS to have a sibling or two.   She'll be lonely...
...  She attends daycare everyday with 9 other classmates Monday to Friday.  When I pick her up after work her I observe her from afar before I let her know I've arrived.   I see her colouring at a table with the other children or I watch her acting out songs with her teachers.   When she does find out I have arrived I get the biggest hug and sloppiest of kisses and she shows off her use of toys in the room.

Now that the weather is nicer, I park the car in the driveway after the pick up and Missy Miu and I walk on the sidewalk to catch Dad driving by. He joins us, we maneuver the cracks on the sidewalks and catch up on the day.

Nope... not too lonely at all.

-She needs family when we "move on"
Hmmm... hope I don't offend any family members who may be reading this.  I have four siblings and let's just say we are not beating down each other's door as often as we "should".  So I think I will focus on fulfilling her life NOW and teach her the value of friendship so she can learn to build lasting relationships.

-One is an adjustment, two is a piece of cake
Yeah... maybe... but sometimes it's a huge adjustment when you are near middle age and you are struggling to prepare for retirement, pay off that mortgage and build your little one's RESPs.

Honestly I would like for us to be able to be fiscally responsible and comfortably provide for her.  It is my worst nightmare to have issues doing so.  And to work past 65 because I have to and not because I want to?  ( insert  picture of me gasping for air here...)

Before I hit submit on this post I feel I should be honest... It took 3 weeks to decide to publish my thoughts on more children.  Today I think I would like another, and I wonder how, when, if I should even present this to my hubby.   Next week I may feel differently again.  But I thought it was important to say... It's ultimately up to you.

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