Monday, July 14, 2014

Mommy Discounts

This was one of those crazy weekends. I am pooped... Feeling behind with my school assignments. Not getting enoug sleep. Worried about C's Mom. And I believe MIssy Miu is having her first bout of diaper rash at 23 months.

On the bright side, I actually did my nails (successfully) since returning back to work 10 months ago. I am always in a rush and wake up with the bed sheets imprinted in the polish. This time I bought a new polish instead of pianting my nails with an old bottle from 4 years ago. Which is why my nails never dried properly.
Loreal's "Royal Reinvention"
I am posting a picture of the finished look even though it is a tad sloppy. I had to tend to Missy Miu after her bedtime due to the rash. I am just proud I put myself first still to get it done.

I am also thrilled because tonight I sent out a communication to the group that they are now eligible to join a membership program and receive a group discount when purchasing tickets for events, attractions or hotels.

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