Monday, June 23, 2014

Ode to L.B.

That feeling after a long day at work...  I just want to get home and get some me time.. A moment to myself.

That feeling during that long commute home.  So tired...  So dozey...  That feeling of can I make it to the daycare 20 minutes early?   Maybe I can enjoy a coffee at Tim Horton's...  in the car...  Parked.

That feeling of what it was like way back when when I had a bit of time to wind down.

Then I enter daycare...  Go to her room and watch her in action.  I put my finger to my lips  indicating to the caregivers not to let her know I have arrived.   I watch her.  She's so happy.  I'm so happy.   I guess this is what one feels when their heart is full.

She sees me...  Big smile...  From her to me..  From me to her.  She runs towards me.  I crouch down and open my arms.  Big sloppy kiss...  She hugs me and pats me on the shoulder,  points to me and says "Mommy".

Those feelings earlier are gone.  I am with her and thankful to experience this feeling...  This me kind of time.  My moment for myself...  My daughter time.

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