Wednesday, June 25, 2014


"It's about learning to dance in the rain." 
During daycare pick-up...  We got caught in the rain.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ode to L.B.

That feeling after a long day at work...  I just want to get home and get some me time.. A moment to myself.

That feeling during that long commute home.  So tired...  So dozey...  That feeling of can I make it to the daycare 20 minutes early?   Maybe I can enjoy a coffee at Tim Horton's...  in the car...  Parked.

That feeling of what it was like way back when when I had a bit of time to wind down.

Then I enter daycare...  Go to her room and watch her in action.  I put my finger to my lips  indicating to the caregivers not to let her know I have arrived.   I watch her.  She's so happy.  I'm so happy.   I guess this is what one feels when their heart is full.

She sees me...  Big smile...  From her to me..  From me to her.  She runs towards me.  I crouch down and open my arms.  Big sloppy kiss...  She hugs me and pats me on the shoulder,  points to me and says "Mommy".

Those feelings earlier are gone.  I am with her and thankful to experience this feeling...  This me kind of time.  My moment for myself...  My daughter time.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tonight's Meal

Hubby made tonight's dinner. Red snapper, spinach ravioli and salad. Actually he does the majority of the cooking.

We are really trying to curb buying take out. It's crazy expensive and not very healthy.

Missy Miu enjoyed it for the most part. We give her the same meal, but chopped up and with steamed carrots and corn instead of salad. We can successfully feed her the veggies and fish when hidden under the pasta. Then it's gloves off. She takes over and diggs out the pasta only.

The goal... No take out til Friday.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I'm Last, I Worry, I'm Sorry, I'm a Bother

I am always putting other peoples needs first, preparing for the next minute,
apologizing because I think I'm a bit of a "bother".  I'm not sure why I am like
this, but it is bothering me immensely. There is so much  would like to
accomplish.  School, my group etc., but I put my needs second to last... and I
haven't quite been able to get ahead. 

So what should I do?
 - Me first... Tell hubby I need a couple of hours to work on my assignments during the
weekend, give him a list to get my s*** done... heaven forbid if I forget his

 - Live in the now... Stop worrying (so much) about tomorrow.  Like I've got to
get us to save more money... I've got to lose 15lbs... I've got to make sure
Missy Miu has no cavities by the time we get to her first dental appointment. So
I'm changing my thoughts to...
 - take the 407 only twice per week, go to bed earlier and buy two cups of coffee
instead of three, get on my bike two times per week, Have Missy brush her teeth after each meal.

- Stop thinking I'm a nuisance... tone down the pride thing.  I act like I can do
everything on my own and when I need help, I think no one will be there for me.

She's sleeping.. what do I do?
Of course I have been over thinking how to get this started... for like a month.
Then my daughter fell asleep just before we were to head out to an event.  Hubby
said, "I'm going to take a nap."  I thought it would be a great opportunity to
get a head start on laundry and do a detailed grocery list for the rest of the
month. I kid you not.

I looked over at her, saw her sleeping peacefully and decided to do something for
me. I caught up on my course assignments watered my garden (I do love gardening). 

An hour and a half later she was up and I had an amazing day with her. 

Hanging out at the Highland Creek Festival
Sharing our first ice cream cone.
I can honestly say I enjoyed my time with her more because I took care of me.