Monday, August 5, 2013

Gasp! You're A Toddler Now?

Missy Miu turned one.

It means she is now my little girl.  She has personality.  She has preferences (don't talk to her when Baby Genius is on).  And you only get one shot on the change table with her.

I could handle all of this no problem.  But then I received the weekly email from Babycenter titled "Your Toddler 1year 1 Week".

WHAT?!  My baby is no longer a baby?

I was not prepared for that news.  In fact it was a tad upsetting.  I think what is difficult for me is the thought of her gaining independence and not needing her Mama as much.

I know... make up my mind right?  Yes... I want Missy Miu to chill on her own so I can catch a break.  I want to put an end to the boob nap.  I want to pee without her wanting me to pick her up at that particular moment.

But sometimes it's nice to feel needed. It's nice to feel when she grabs me and snuggles into my neck at the frightening sound of a car door closing. It's nice to see that bright smile when I rescue her from her car seat.

Sigh... Being a glass half full kind of gal, I will embrace my little one's new found independence. I will clap with her when she reaches the top of the stairs. I will gladly accept her coloured out of the lines art that she will present to me from daycare. And I will joyfully open the weekly email from Babycenter and read about Missy Miu upcoming adventures.

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