Saturday, August 17, 2013

Budget Wardrobe Rebuild

I will be returning to work in three weeks. Clothing is not usually a priority but I desperately need to go shopping. For the last year and a half I have been wearing maternity apparel or loose and very casual clothes.

I have tried the work clothes I have. Either do not fit or they feel outdated.

My back to work clothing budget is $300 and what I pick up must be:
- machine washable
- on sale
- transitional (can it take me from end of summer into winter)
- bold and classic

I love shopping, but hate wasting time. For the most part I like to head out to stores where my trip may be successful.

Today it was out to Loblaws Joe Fresh. The plan was to look at their summer fashions on sale. I went into the fitting room and came out with six pieces.

I like these ($14.94) red jeans. They have spandex. They're great as a summer or fall pant and would look great with boots come winter. The grey two tone tank ($6.94) is fun with these jean and I can't wait to try it with my black blazer.

The tan pants ($19.94) are a size 8. They are a tad big but are comfy. I walk quite a bit at work. Once I drop some inches I will take them to a seamstress. The cement print top looks very professional.

I love the way my arms look in this halter styled dress ($19.94). It's fully lined.

And my favourite piece.... This navy and white sleeveless dress. I love pockets on a dress! ($14.94).

For six pieces I spent $91.64!

So Back-To-Work Mamas.... Where do you shop to fall into style?


  1. I love Reitman's. I was able to get some really nice tops that go really well with either skirts or pants. Love versatile clothing!

  2. That's right! I will check them out. Love their accessories.

    Thanks Logan!