Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Strollerfit In The Park

The Mamalicious Mamas are so excited about the free workouts hosted by two wonderful mamas in our group on Mondays!

They sure make us work hard though. We power walk, squat, jump around, work on our abs, and sing and dance with our babies. It leaves us painful at the end, but its well worth it! And the babies get a good nap (usually).

M cried through the whole workout today though... She just didn't want to sit still. I didn't give in though! I distracted her with fruit snacks and managed to get through the workout.

We are so excited how big our group is getting and how the mamas are volunteering to help us host events. As you all probably know, Dee and myself are going back to work soon! Meaning we could use all the help we can get. Thanks awesome mamas!

M started her Montessori today (two weeks before I go back) so I can get some stuff done and hopefully get rid of old baby things. She did great for the hour she was in today.

On another note, Dee and myself have been frantically preparing for our picnic on Friday! We can't wait to have a Mamalicious picnic, but the sandwiches and cupcakes aren't going to make themselves. Of course with Dee's awesome baking skills, the cupcakes are guaranteed to turn out great. Hope we have lots of you join us Friday!!

Until next time...

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