Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Infant and Toddler Nutrition

Missy Miu and I were shopping one day at Loblaws in Pickering. Before leaving I went upstairs as I usually do to feed her. There was a lady in a white coat outside the Cooking School door. Being one who is always looking for an opportunity for the Mamalicious Mamas, I approached her.

She introduced herself as Lisa Ireland a nutritionist with Loblaws. I asked her if there were any topics that would be of any interest to my Mamas.


Turns out that she would be happy to present an educational seminar for my group. We arranged and set a date for a presentation on Infant and Toddler Nutrition. We had twenty-one Mamas in attendance.
Lisa informed us of:
- the nutrition requirements of breastfeeding moms
- various types of infant formula
- introduction of solids to baby
- sample meal plans It was very informative. I look forward to setting up more educational events for the Scarborough Pickering
Mamalicious Mamas.

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